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“Most people live out their lives with their dream still inside of them.”

This is a quote from a regional manager I once worked for.

He was not always the greatest person in the world to work for. But, his words propelled me to heights I never thought I could reach.

So, how can goals change your life? Are You Struggling in Your Modeling Career?

If you are a model who’s been struggling to get started (or keep going) in your career, listen closely.

Today, I want to share with you why goals are good for you and how to achieve your modeling goals & dreams. Now, am I giving you a “magic wand” to instantly get from here to success?

how to achieve your modeling goals

how to achieve your modeling goals

No, not at all. But, when you read this, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to put your modeling plan in perspective.

And, you’ll learn how to move closer to that elusive dream of modeling. So…

Take These First 5 Steps & Discover How to Achieve Your Modeling Goals and Dreams

1. How Goals Help You Turn Excuses (Failure) Into Reasons (Success)

Let’s face it. Sometimes you’ll find your life is out of balance. For example, your “day job” takes up most of your time.

So, you say; “I just don’t have the time to work toward my modeling career.

This in no excuse. Let me ask you, could you set aside 15 minutes a day to work toward your dream goal?

What Can You Do in Fifteen Minutes?

If you really want to model, you can practice a couple of poses per day.

Or, use three days to take “selfie” pics of your posing for 15 minutes. This is great practice, by the way.

Then, use the other two or three days per week to research and contact local modeling agencies to see if you can set up an interview.

Now, you’re rolling! By the end of the month, all those little fifteen minute snippets can turn into something bigger.

Have you heard of the snowball effect? When you roll a little ball of snow in your hands, then begin to push it down a big hill, it gets bigger and bigger.

“By the Inch It’s a Cinch – By the Yard It’s Hard”

Modeling goals work the same way. You start small (with 15 minutes a day). Then, you roll that snowball down the hill.

Before you know it, you’ve learned more about your profession. And, some of the local model agents have heard from you.

Remember, in the modeling industry, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you!

2. Find Balance Between Modeling Goals and Life – Start a Schedule, and Stick to It!

Okay, working toward your goals daily is great, up to a point.

But, some people become obsessed with work & (other people’s) goals.

Helping others is a noble attribute, don’t you agree? Yes, it is. I’m thankful for many people who helped me throughout my life.

But, if you put everybody and everything before your own hopes and dreams, you’ll soon burn out.

Truth is, life passes by fast. And, the older you get, the quicker each year. If you spend all your time working for someone else, your own goals get put on the back burner.

So, be careful when you find yourself doing something for everyone and everything.

Set up a schedule for yourself.

Make sure your modeling goal is on your to-do list. Start getting things done for you.

And, most importantly, move toward your dreams.

3. Goals Will Be Accomplished Quicker If You Write Them Down

The famous Zig Ziglar once said that “a dream is just a dream” if it’s not written down. Then, it becomes a goal.

So, put your goals on paper (or in notepad).

The best way to achieve goals is to write them down, and look at them daily. A to-do list is a good example.

When you go grocery shopping, you’ll spend less and get home quicker if you shop from a list.

Not All Goals are for Modeling..

While you’re writing your modelling goals down, think about other areas in your life worth shooting for. Some of these include…

  • Walking on the beach or trail daily
  • Spending more time with friends or family
  • Getting back in shape
  • Traveling
  • Taking care of spiritual needs.
  • etc.

All these things are important enough to create goals. Some are success goals. Others involve health and spiritual well-being.

But, when you include these things, your life becomes more balanced. And, you’re a happier person.

These goals can change your attitude. And, quoting Zig again:

“Your attitude determines your altitude.”

By the way, you can get an amazing motivational program by Zig Ziglar here..AD

Remember, everything becomes more tangible and real when you write it down. The goal is real. And it’s not complete, if you don’t follow through.

Putting things in writing makes them more effective. So, get out your pen & pad!

4. Which Goals Did You Meet Today? Break It Up! Make a Mountain into a Molehill..

When you look at your modeling career goals all at once, they look like gigantic mountains.

My advice? Don’t do it!

To reach major goals, break them up into smaller portions. The saying I posted above; “By the inch it’s a cinch. – By the yard it’s hard.” rings true.

And, this becomes easier if you follow step number three and write it all down.  You’ll make headings from your major goals. Then, use sub-headings to create daily tasks.

Now, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, does it?

If, for instance, you want to become a doctor, don’t look at medical school until you finish basic college courses.

“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

Give yourself 15 minutes per day (step one). Work on a part of your goal every day..

Before you know it, you are ready to contact a model agent.

Important: Make sure you honor the 15-minute time limit. Once your 15 minutes is up, move on to the next section on your list.

But, I’m Tired.” You Say..

Yes, we all get exhausted from time to time. But, take that one small step every day – even if you don’t feel up to it.

Putting it off is called procrastination (a dream killer). You already know this. But, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded.

In my many years of setting goals, reaching them (and failing at some), I discovered something very interesting.

On days I didn’t want to work on my project, once I began, momentum began to flow. Then, I felt better knowing I accomplished something that day – no matter how small.

If you feel that a dream goal is unobtainable or too big, then it will be.

I once heard an old saying that still rings true today:

“If you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’re right.”

So, taking one mini-step each day causes you to realize your goals and dreams. Then, your dream comes closer to reality.

So, change that “stinking thinking” into positive goals – and success!

The “Big Picture” Dream

In the near future, you might ask yourself how you reached your goal so quickly. But, once you learn how to set goals and achieve them, it becomes easier to move on to bigger ones.

From working with new models all these years, I realize your dreams are important to you.

And, when you imagine the end result, they become grand visions.

Maybe you dream of becoming the next Cindy Crawford or Tyra Banks. Or, your goal is to work in commercials, etc. I don’t know. Goals remain the personal property of each model.

Either way, you sometimes tell yourself those dreams are too big and too unrealistic.

If you want to become a model, take on extra work to pay for some modeling classes (Of course, watch for scams.)

Believe it or not, when you put small steps into action, they add up to large measurable results.

5. To Reach Modelling Goals – Find Support Groups for Goals and Outcomes

To be a model, get someone you know and trust to support you emotionally. Grab someone who wants to share your experience – and see you succeed.

For example, if want to get in shape for modeling, ask someone you know. Make sure they are..

  • Dependable
  • Supportive
  • Honest
  • And, capable to help keep you on track to produce the outcomes you desire (a working model is your best choice).

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of others who have already gone through this.

Find them. Then, learn from their mistakes. Copy what they did. Then, become your own person in the modeling industry. This is how great models are made.

Use these three tips to help you focus on becoming a model more easily and quickly..

  1. Write down your goals and record your progress.
  2. Put a time limit on each section of your goal. i.e. “I plan to contact my first model agency by (Fill in the date).
  3. Join a group for models for creative and emotional support.

Goal Setting is Important! Take the Guesswork Out of Modeling By Setting and Taking Action on Your Goals

good habits goals

“Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of others who have already gone through this.”

The world of modeling is always looking for new faces. People come and go so opportunities abound. But, you have to go after them.

No one is going to walk up to you and ask you to model (not normally anyhow).

So, take charge of your life, and your modeling career. Make a small goal for yourself starting tomorrow (today is better). Then, see where it takes you.

Will you become a famous model and walk catwalks for Chanel or Chic? I have no idea. But, I do know that you can’t reach a goal you don’t have.

What’s the Best Way I Know to Achieve Your Goals?

Probably, the most influential goal setting guru in my life was the great Zig Ziglar. He helped me to set goals, develop good habits and stick to them. I can’t emphasize enough how important this is. That’s why I highly recommend his goals program..

Go Here to Get Zig Ziglar’s Program Now — & Start Living a Better, More Motivated Life!

Make one today. And let us know in the comments below where you are in reaching your modeling dream. See you there and best of success! – Bob


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