Abstract Photographers – 5 Quick Tips for Modern Abstract Photographers

abstract photographers

Abstract photo of teen ballerina wearing tu-tu USA – blurred motion action by Bob Pardue

If you love taking pictures and you love fine art photos, this is an area of photography you might want to take a close look at. This hobby and profession of abstract photographers is growing in the modern world. Shutterbugs are now finding new ways in the digital age to create unique and stunning images. There has been a resurgence of the abstract genre, even some of the top stock photos are including touches of abstract art.

What Equipment Do Abstract Photographers Use?

Simply put, the new photographic equipment available by familiar camera makers like Nikon and Canon are making it possible for the novice photographer to enjoy the benefits of this new and modern abstract photography.  So, read and see if this gets your creative juices going!

5 Simple Tips for Abstract Photographers

Abstract photography is designed to allow the photographer to explore communication using various means. He or she must have a visual awareness of what is to be shot as texture, shapes and forms are of great importance. They must be representative of the subject.

Why photographers love this abstract art form so much is that it is very personal and very fulfilling to those who engage in this craft. Here are some tips to help you achieve this goal.

1) Use selective focus to help create effective photos. Many abstract photographers choose to use a narrow depth of field. Focus on the subject only and the rest will fade to a soft blur.

2) Use curves to point to your subject which allows it to be the focus of the viewer’s attention.

3) Use a different color background to make your subject even more notable.

4) Include shadows and light. All too often abstract photographers will focus only on the light portion. Shadows can really bring the light into focus as it shapes it while drawing attention to it.

This is especially important for abstract images.

5) Texture should be used whenever possible. This technique works best when curves are involved.

Be sure the steps work in harmony for the best results. If you plan to join the elite ranks of abstract photographers, you’ll need to think outside the box.

Hop online, look through magazines (don’t leave out the abstract art) and jot down some ideas for a project.

Can you Become an Abstract Photographer?

Abstract photographerMost certainly!

Learning abstract photography can be as simple as shooting water in its basic forms or maybe close up images of eyes of your models. Learn more ..

Actually, there are no real rules to becoming an abstract photographer so let your imagination run wild. Now, where did I put my Nikon?

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