Question: What Does an Abercrombie and Fitch Model Look Like? (Video)

The company of Abercrombie and Fitch is well known for its clothing lines but better still for its beautiful models. Here are some things to consider if you are interested in going to work in modeling for this clothing mogul.

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Here is a Quick Look Inside A&F – How do they choose them and why?

Here are some ideas you should consider.

The idea is to evoke an all American, athletic yacht club kind of vibe, and—you know you were thinking it—young, scantily clad, muscular or slender men and women to present their wares.

Indeed, as soon as you walk into an Abercrombie store you’re likely to run into male or female models, either in person or in large posters along the walls that fit this prototype.

And, not only do you encounter those beautiful people when you enter the boutique, they will follow you out of the store as well on the bag that carries your new outfit purchases.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Stalking

You won’t hear many people complaining about being stalked, however, because no one can deny the appeal this company has to the public, specifically the targeted demographic of customers 25 years old and younger.

However, when you come across Abercrombie models you might notice that many ethnic backgrounds tend to be underrepresented. This is an issue that has continued to spark controversy and remained a thorn in their tanned, sun kissed side.

The company has been accused of expressing racial prejudice in the clothing it sells, and another matter of contention is the alleged racial discrimination in hiring models.

Court cases have been filed against the company, accusing it of practices like hiring Caucasian employees over minority employees, firing minority employees and replacing them with counterparts, and putting these employees out front in the stores while relegating minority employees to the stockroom behind the scenes.

This practice largely concerns the fashion models, because they are first hired to work in the store before they can get signed to a marketing campaign and appear in ads.

However, company representatives deny racism in its practices, and others who have investigated the business say that while Abercrombie does appear to discriminate, the discrimination is not racially motivated.

Rather, it’s motivated by physical appearance of its models – and, remember Hooters?

What is an Abercrombie Woman?

Take a quick peek and see what the industry has in store for today’s modern woman. Or, perhaps you are a fashion model and are looking for catalog jobs.

Either way these women are getting what they really want in fashion this year. A well-known name, this boutique has been a favorite of those women involved in modeling — and the general public.

This is a story of a new design which I believe you will enjoy; and maybe even wear!

Fancy Dress?

Abercrombie has created fancy designs with the woman in mind. Their collection for women is fantastic and the women must be very proud of this unique design house.

Her needs have been addressed in a beautiful way to take care of her bold and sophisticated being.

Female tank tops

Women can choose a tank top from their delicious range. They have a large variety of these tops in many exciting colors and designs to suit every personality.

These tops are fairly priced and one will get them from about $20. The adventurous woman will fall in love with their jeans short, which is ideal for relaxed weekends in the house or a picnic in the lush gardens.

They are creatively done and one will be able to settle for what they feel represents who they are. These jeans shorts will be got for $11 and in all sizes.

high heel shoesRemember the shoes

The stores contribute a wide variety of high heels in all interesting colors and sizes.

The Christian Louboutin is a high inch peep toe that comes in a variety of colors. It is ideal for the office and for high profile occasions.

Women love shoes and Abercrombie has captured them by giving them a wide range of exclusive shoes to fit their femininity. These heels retail at a fair price of $20 up.


Also in the collection are fancy short-sleeved tees with all manner of designs on them.

They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors and their simplicity is amazing. They retail at a price of around $17 and one will definitely get value for her money.

Ed Hardy pants and shorts outfits – Comfortable and fashionable

You will really love the Ed Hardy pants, which come in a variety of colors. They are playful and comfortable for an easy day and the cost is minimal.

The Ed hardy pants make an interesting collection for the woman as well. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. These stores provide an intimate collection of tiny shorts ideal for indoors and outdoors.

They come in different designs to cater for all women’s needs.

Some of these shorts are thigh high and others knee high. Their materials vary and one will get them in either denim or jeans. They come in all interesting colors like yellow, blue, black, green, gray, and white among others. They often entice girls to spend some extra dollars to buy more as they are irresistible.

Tote bags

The clothing giant understands the diverse needs of a woman from clothes to handbags and that is why they have a wide variety of accessories to match their top range clothes.

The totes are perfect in their black and white stripes. These bags are 100% cotton, will provide a perfect casual for that weekend, and will be bought for $100 up.

The colors included in this tote are gray and white, green, blue and white, brown, cream and blue. Also in the collection are hoods and long polos are favorites of shoppers.

Shop for lingerie

Their lingerie line is in a wide variety and a woman will enjoy shopping for these entire items under less than one roof, thanks to the catalog.

So, the fashion is here and clear; you don’t have to become one of the exciting and sexy young models to be a woman who is set for the season and – she will look as beautiful as the fashion models wearing her new shoes, clothes and carrying a fashion tote bag.

If you decide to get started – maybe in the fashion or commercial field, or you might want to become a print model .

Either way you can find some exciting clothes to wear during your photo shoot at these stores. Have fun shopping!

Some who are interested in modeling with the right look are often recruited while shopping in stores based on their appearance, and when corporate reps or scouts from modeling agencies visit stores and see employees that “don’t fit the Abercrombie look,” they instruct managers to shorten those employees’ work shifts.

How Do You Choose If Not By Qualifications?

It’s a sticky situation because while judging individuals by appearance can be discriminatory, modeling standards do have to distinguish attractive people from unattractive people.

It’s a fact that models have to be good looking, but it gets complicated when you try to address who is considered good looking and who is not.

At what point does discernment become discrimination? If you plan to work in catalog for Abercrombie and Fitch high heel shoes, a major fashion company, do your homework and make sure you have the look.

Only one way to find out, isn’t there?

Click the link if you are interested in learning more about modeling.

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