Does a 7 Day Diet Really Work? Women Love to Lose Weight Fast Don’t They?

Does the 7 Day Diet Work?


The 3 day system is a bit extreme, even for NYC high fashion models so what if we make it a 7 day diet event? Check Out This Video to Lose Weight Fast!

With holidays and spring break and summer bikini weather and modeling photo shoots too, it’s time to take off some of those pounds to get ready.

Remember that all dieting should be done under a doctor’s care and the best way to lose belly fat or other weight is though a sensible regime of healthy foods and exercise.

Does the 7 Day Diet Work? The Trend For Losing Weight and Eating Healthy Food Quickly Continues ..

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season fast approaching, plenty of people are looking to lose a few pounds.

You’ll want to look your best for the round of parties, modeling or personal photo ops and encounters with family and friends you may not have seen for a while. Women seem to be particularly sensitive.

Men’s clothing tends to hide a lot of flaws, but your LBD does not. If you need to lose 5-7 pounds to look trim and svelte in your party dress, give this diet a shot.

It works, it is healthy and requires minimal discipline and is relatively easy to muddle through for fast results. Interested? Let’s see how you can succeed.

Ugh! An Exercise Routine – That’s Not Dieting, Is It?

The biggest advantage you can gain is to indulge in daily exercise. Yes, indulge! When you think ‘exercise’, a boring, strenuous routine probably comes to mind. It doesn’t need to be any of these things.

You can fit in exercise on a daily basis, that burns significant calories, in four 8-minute stints you’ll hardly notice.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far from the grocery or work entrance and walk briskly. You won’t waste time looking for the closest parking spot, while indulging in a little weight loss. Trim your tummy and thighs with a dozen sit ups in the morning before showering.

Eating Healthy Foods or the 7 Day Diet?

Now for the food: remember, this is only a 7 day diet. Instead of a cup of coffee and a pastry for breakfast, make a fruit smoothie with your favorite fruits, juices and yogurt.

This is a low-calorie meal, full of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins that fills you up. It can start you on a new trend for eating healthy food so you don’t have to stop after the holidays. If you need a mid-morning snack, munch on a bran muffin washed down with a glass of juice.

Your Diet and Fast Food Choices

If you normally stop in for lunch at the fast food place for a burger and fries, treat yourself to a salad – the fast food places have caught on to their health-conscious customers – or, better yet, make your own salad at home.

Supermarkets now stock plastic containers of spring greens, mesclun, spinach and other healthy and tasty dark green leafy lettuces. A large container runs about $5 and contains sufficient greens for about 4 large salads.

The Recipe

Add one sliced, hard-boiled egg

slices of fresh mushrooms

wedges of tomato

grated cheese

and some lean meat, such as shrimp or chicken

Douse it with a balsamic vinaigrette and you’ve got a filling lunch, full of fiber, protein, more antioxidants and an array of vitamins.

This will also add trace minerals your body needs, enjoys and is easy on the calories, paving the way to your 7 day diet success and a nicely fitting little black dress.

Dinner usually presents more temptations than breakfast and lunch. While the rest of the family is chowing down on meat loaf with gravy, a baked potato and a serving of buttered corn.

You want to treat yourself to a piece of fish garnished with salsa or marinated in ginger and sesame. Indulge in a piece of garlic bread and a dinner salad. Feel superior!

Alternative dinners which help you reach your goal include a plate of whole grain pasta and high-fiber veggies, marinated chicken breast, pork tenderloin (the ‘other white meat’) and a giant chef’s salad.

If you stay committed to your daily regime it will pay off. Besides, with a menu like this, you can hardly feel deprived! Fix a fruit cup with nondairy whipped topping as the dessert for the whole family.

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When Dieting, Count Those Calories

The success of your new healthy weight loss plan requires a calorie counter. Plan your menus in advance and calculate your daily calorie intake. With delicious health foods like these, counting your calories will be a pleasure!

Following these guidelines, your dieting will not be overwhelming and will be a success … your modeling photo session will not be a disaster and your holiday pictures will be fantastic! In fact, you may find you want to continue with this eating plan and lose yet more weight.

Make lean meats, high fiber foods and whole grains the centerpiece of each meal. By the time you’re hosting and attending holiday events, you’ll be the picture of health, full of energy and a great complexion. Try the 7-day diet. It can help.

Are You Skeptical of the 7 Day Diet? Here’s Another Option

3 week diet

If you are a little more realistic when it comes to losing weight fast, there is a hot new program you’ll love! It’s not quite as quick but may be more practical.

It’s called the 3 Week Diet and I’m sure that just about anyone can follow this routine.

To watch a short video and see what all the talk is about, head over to the official website now! You’ll be happy you did!

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