Five Must-Read Tips to Make It Big In Hollywood

Do you really want to make it big in Hollywood? Whether you want to work in Hollywood as an actor, a writer, a director, a makeup artist, or a costume designer, there are a number of steps you should take.

These steps, a few of which are outlined below, can improve your chances of becoming a big Hollywood star. But, even if you don’t become a mega star, there are certainly Hollywood acting careers you can discover.

One: Get Started Early And Practice

The sooner you get started on your dream, the better your chances of being successful are. If you want to be a Hollywood writer, start writing. It doesn’t matter whether you practice writing scripts or short stories. The experience you gain through practice can do wonders for a long-term career.

Take Classes Geared Toward Hollywood Jobs

In keeping with starting early, if you are a high school student, take as many classes as possible. For example, do you want to be a writer? If so, signup for an advanced English class.

With that in mind, expand your horizons. Any media related electives can give you much needed experience and a good background, even if they are not directly related to your projected career path.

Two: Learn All About Hollywood Acting Or Other Entertainment Jobs

Many aspiring Hollywood stars know in high school that they want to head for Hollywood, but not all do.

If you have decided later in life that you want to work in Hollywood either behind or in front of the camera, get as much education as you can. The good news is that this education can come in a number of different formats.

Usually, a college degree is preferred, but not always in Hollywood. Often times, experience and talent compensates for a lack of education.

With that said, it can never hurt. If you cannot afford a four-year college, consider taking classes. Acting classes, creative writing classes, and cosmetology classes are offered for an affordable fee at many community colleges and vocational training centers.

Three: Get Experience For Your Hollywood Career

As previously stated, experience and talent can compensate for a lack of education in Hollywood. When combined, the two are an unstoppable force.

So, get as much experience in your intended career path as possible. For example, do you want to become a paid actor? Accept small acting roles in advertising or theater.

In addition to working, consider volunteering your time. For example, do you want to work as a paid Hollywood makeup artist? If so, volunteer to do the makeup for those performing in local plays. This can include community theaters or high school plays.

Hollywood Acting InternsWorking in Hollywood

Aside from volunteering, you can work as an intern. In many ways, this is similar to volunteering, but you gain more knowledge.

When working as an acting intern, you are not alone, but working alongside a guide.

Acting internships are rare, but you can still work your way onto the set of a movie or television show by accepting other internship positions. Shadow a makeup artist, director, film crew; anything that can get you on the set.

Four: Stay With It And Reach Your Goal Of Working In Hollywood

If there is anything you must remember about working in Hollywood, persistence is it. Persistence is key when looking to become well-known.

Whether you are an aspiring actor, writer, makeup artist, costume designer or director, it is rare for you to get your big break on your first try. That is why you need to keep on trying. With drive and determination, you can find Hollywood jobs in the movies, even if it only starts out small.

Five: Start Out Small And Build An Acting Career

Finally, start out small if you must. Yes, your dream may have been playing the lead role in a new hit television show, but you may have to settle for less.

Look for paid modeling opportunities, reality shows, voice-over work, work in commercials, and so forth. If you are creative, Hollywood jobs behind the camera might be in your future. Not only will this help you pay the bills, but it will give you much needed experience in front of the camera.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 tips for working in Hollywood and will take this to heart that you can get jobs besides just in the acting profession. Be sure and leave your comments below and read the book to really get started in this industry. – Bob Pardue

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