Memorable fine art photos of Myrtle Beach SC

5 Memorable Photos of Myrtle Beach

You know, some of my favorite days were spent at Myrtle Beach SC growing up — and recently.

Since Jean & I are South Carolina born, we have the privilege of visiting “the beach” frequently.

So, even if you live in a far off state (maybe Montana or Louisiana) you can enjoy the scenery through my photography, right?

Of course you can!

5 Memorable Photos of Myrtle Beach by Bob Pardue

Now, let’s revisit five of my memorable photos of Myrtle Beach South Carolina so you can decide whether or not to put the low country on your travel agenda.

1. Walk on the Myrtle Beach Grandstrand

Fine art photo of the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand

In my opinion, the Grandstrand presents everything that is Myrtle Beach. Thousands upon thousands of “fun in the sun” lovers travel to the low country just to enjoy the majesty of this sandy paradise.

Myrtle Beach Grandstrand photo

2. View from the Boardwalk

Fine art photo of Plyler Park

This is what you see when you walk down the boardwalk toward the Skywheel. Oh, be sure to stroll around and view the dolphin sculpture at Plyler Park just off to the left of this picture.

Fine art photo of Plyler Park Myrtle Beach SC

3. Myrtle Beach Parasailing

Fine art photo of tourists parasailing at South Myrtle Beach

Now, if you’re the adventurous type, you can take in the view from high in the air when you ride a para-sail. Nothing like the freedom of your feet dangling in the sun from a relaxing attraction.

Fine art photo of tourists parasailing at South Myrtle Beach

4. Family Kingdom Speaks for Itself!

Picture of Family Kingdom Amusement Park taken from the beach

Yes, I grew up riding rides at this amusement park. Even found $20. once while I was there! The Kingdom is a must-see attraction with its tall wooden roller coaster and Ferris Wheel.

Fine art picture Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach

5. The Myrtle Beach Sunrise Can’t be Purchased…

… bu the picture can — Fine art photo shows the Myrtle Beach fishing pier at sunrise

Last, but certainly not least, shows the beauty of a Myrtle Beach sunrise with the red sun casting its hue over the fishing pier at Myrtle Beach. Relax, put your hands behind your head and enjoy the view.

Myrtle Beach fine art pastel photo

Myrtle Beach Pictures Tell Some of the Story

Sure, it’s great to look at these photos of Myrtle Beach. South Carolina gave us the beach to photograph and enjoy. When I can’t make it to the area, I love going back to my photo gallery to relive some of my moments there.

So, I hope you enjoyed the pictures and, if you want to find out how to own one as wall art, just visit my site over at Pixels here…

Thanks again for stopping be and be sure to follow my blog so you can get an email when I update. – Bob Pardue