You’ll Be Too Cool for the Camera When You Learn These Modeling Poses

learn modeling poses

Model photo by Bob Pardue

Another Q&A I often get is how to practice and learn modeling poses for photographers.

If you are going to break into the business, you’ll need a repertoire of ideas before doing photo shoots.

Here are three steps to pose like a professional model.

Below are 3 quick tips to help you on your way to becoming a professional model in front of the lens.

Don’t leave it all up to the photographer. Do a little research and put together some poses to “wow” him!


1. Look at Other Professional Female Models

You’ll find them everywhere; on calendars, in fashion magazines, on billboards, in advertisements. Look at what they are doing. Try to dissect the pose by paying attention to the body language, the outfit , the surroundings, the facial expressions, etc.


2. Copy the Model’s Pose

No, this is not plagiarism. You are learning to become a model. Many stars in all areas of entertainment and performing arts had a mentor or someone they drew from. You can too! Try at first to do the modeling poses just as they do them.

After you’ve mastered them, start to change the pose or expression little by little until you have a new look. Then, make it yours and add to the collection. Repeat until you build a set of poses to use when you get in front of the camera.

3. Practice Model Posing Daily!

The third step is to maybe take a model class or two and practice your new modeling poses everyday so you’ll be professional when your photographer is ready to shoot. It’s almost that simple!

I hope you enjoyed these three solutions and you will learn modeling posing techniques to step up with the very best models. Now, go over these steps again and get your photo shoot set up. Your photographer is waiting!

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