Building a Portfolio? Here are Three Poses You MUST Include!

model portfolio posesSo, you are dreaming about modeling and maybe walk the runway in NYC or Milan!

Hold on! First things first!

Before you go to national or local modeling agencies to apply for jobs, there are a couple of things you need to do.

Guide to female model portfolios – How to Pose for Model Pictures

One, is to create a “book” of pictures to leave with the best modeling agencies when you make the open calls.

Here are some valuable tips for beginner models; no matter who you are or whether you are a male or female – poses you must include  in order to present yourself as a professional in the entertainment business.

Pose #1 — The headshot (close up)

In my opinion, the head shot pose is the number one picture in your portfolio. It is basically a close up photo showing only your face and shoulders.

When your photographer creates this model pose, ask him or her to shoot it pretty much head-on, preferably outdoors with good lighting.

Most female model portfolios include this image with little or no makeup to show your natural look. The agency reps want to know what you really look like and what they have to work with so do it right (according to them).

Pose #2 — Full length

Next, comes the full body shot, or several if you will. These modeling portfolio pictures can be done wearing a variety of different outfits to suit the style and type female model you want to be.

Important: Agencies normally like to see at least one of these shots straight on; wearing either tight fitting clothing or maybe a swimsuit (especially if you plan to pursue glamour modeling jobs).

For the most part, they will be satisfied if your photographer takes a photo such as this of you in a snug sweater or top (no tanks) and some slim fitting jeans.

Pose #3 — 3/4 length pictures

Similar to the full body above, your look should include some 3/4 length poses to round out the book.

These pictures also show an assortment of model posing techniques, expressions etc. in different clothes for each shot.

The pose is photographed from somewhere around your waist up. They can be frontal (slightly skewed) to profile or even a shot from the back (looking back toward the camera, etc.).

Those are 3 posing tips for female model portfolios you really need to consider. The other pictures should focus on your talent and imagination.

Look at some modeling portfolio samples online to get ideas for your photo shoot. Have fun at your photo shoot.

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Getting started with Model Poses

When you are starting out – read all you can from this and other sites, talk to other talent, agents, etc. in the business and your career will have a better chance to blossom.


Other sources for posing tips

Posing from OK to WOW Frank Doorhof

“As you probably know there are even books out there with 1001 poses my opinion on these is that they are great to read and get ideas from copying them is a bad idea every model is different and also the clothing a model wears is very important for the poses that will or will not work. For example when we look at the images in this blog post the clothing in my opinion just screamed for these poses it just fit. What I always try to do is let the model pose freely play.…”


Pro Posers Top Models Reveal Posing Secrets

“Looking like a model is one thing but even the prettiest of models need to know how to pose in order to be successful. Whether they’re on set with a photographer or walking the red carpet at the Met Gala it’s a model’s job to.…”

Stop reading – Start doing!

n addition to these, there are lots of resources online to help you understand the importance of posing correctly for your portfolio pictures – but one of the best ways to learn and get those outstanding photographs is to practice as much as you can in front of a camera.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn enough model posing positions to create a killer modeling portfolio – just do it and have a great time! – Bob Pardue

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