No doubt, the modeling agency can become your ticket to a successful modeling career. But, do you make mistakes when you talk to them? Don’t!

Know What They Want – Before You Contact the Modeling Agency!

modeling agency

modeling agency

Read these 3 modeling agency secrets you should definitely know BEFORE you set up an interview.

You’ll be happy you did! Just click the pic for each tip…

ONE: Discover Which Modeling Agency is Best for You

“Many new female models believe they can just email a general sentence or two when contacting modeling agencies. Not True!” Read more…

TWO: Know How to Make the Model Agent Go WOW!

“First of all, the agency is probably meeting with you because they’ve seen your photos ahead of time from your mail submission. So, they probably called you and now want to meet with you.” Read more…

THREE: Look carefully in the mirror before you go to the model agency interview.

How did you dress for the occasion? What kind (and how much) makeup did you wear?

“In fact, most girls don’t realize how to dress for a model agency interview and this could mean the difference between a modeling career and failure.” Read more…

modeling agency

modeling agency

Final Thought about Model Agencies

Many motivational speakers tell people to “dress for success” to reach their goals. I believe new female models should dress right. But, modeling agencies expect so much more when you show up for agency open calls. So, to get ahead in this business, you need to learn all you can before you pop into that modeling agency down the street.

modeling agency

Does this make sense? Good! Take your modeling career seriously. And yes, you can still have lots of fun when you step in front of the camera. But first, you’ve got to get there! Done the right way, modeling agencies can put you in front of the clients who make stars! So, take some action and get your career in gear.

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