Show Off Your Sleek Figure In Your Retro 1940s Fashion Dresses

Every girl model knows it. Retro fashion dresses are in this year. They just can’t get enough of these sleek, sexy designs. How about you? Have you discovered 1940s fashion yet?

As a fashion model, you want to look different in your photos, don’t you? Or, you might just love to dress in old style clothing for the fun of it.

No matter what your reason 1940 fashion dresses could be the answer. You’ll look and feel great in these nostalgic collections for women.

What’s old and new and hot and cool? In the Retro fashion scene, 1940s fashions are the next hottest trend!

Fashion always provides certain clues about both current culture and the times.

For example, in the mid 1800s, fashion dresses made with miles of yardage reflected the relative affluence of the wearer. Remember Scarlett O’Hara?

During hard economic times, such as the Great Depression, hemlines tend to go up and dress cuts are more trim and slim, simply because fabric is at a premium price.

During such times, less is more in the fashion world. When times improve, dress hemlines go down and fashions are much less stingy on the yardage.

The popularity of the midi fashions of the late 1960s and early 1970s attests to this fashion fact. Fashion designers move with the times, reinventing designs of past decades with a modern twist.

1940s Fashion Clothes — The NEW¬†Avant Garde

Since Retro fashions became the new avant garde, you have a lot of decades from which to choose. Enough of being a slave to fashion! You can choose a wardrobe based entirely on the

Retro concept. Currently, the 1950s fashions enjoy much favor with young fashion enthusiasts. So much so, that this style is now becoming so common as to be passé!

Perhaps its time to have some fun with another decade. You’ll be a trend setter among your peers, particularly with 1940s fashions and accessories.

Just for the Romantic Side of You

The 1940s was a time when romance, glamour and sophistication flourished. This was the heyday of the glamorous movie stars.

Women were both modest and alluring, showing off their shapely figures in clothes that were well tailored and gilded to the max!

Even the older and plumper women of the time got in on the act. 1940s fashion did not discriminate by age.

The matronly woman, hosting a sophisticated get together, appeared in a silk, damask or satin gown gilded to the nines with bead work and sequins, which transformed her into a belle of the ball among her peers.

The 1940s fashions allowed all women access to the glamor and beauty all women aspire to, regardless of age or figure.

Men And Fashion From The 1940s

During the 1940s, fashion perhaps peaked in terms of appeal across age groups.

Even the humble bathrobe attained starlet attributes, such as satin lapels and rhinestone cuffs. 1940s fashions for men were almost as glamorous, particularly in at-home wear.

Men adopted the smoking jacket with alacrity, as a mark of sophistication.

Hats for men were a staple of a man’s fashion persona and a mark of worldly acumen, with great macho appeal with the ladies.

Perhaps the most distinctive signature of the 1940s fashions was that clothing was well made and tailored. Detailing was paramount.

A woman’s suit jacket was fitted, with many variations on lapels, fitted waists, belting and the like.

The Bottom Hemline? You Can Wear 1940 Skirts For A Sexy Fit!

Skirts were sleek and fitted, with as many darts as might be required to create a sleek, smooth line that showed the female form to its best advantage.

Fashion dresses from the 1940s successfully conveyed a modest profile which, at the same time, proved to be so mysteriously attractive to men. Ironic but true.

And now, even in the 21st century, women long to recapture that moment in time when the fashion designers took time to create outfits to accentuate the figure while not showing too much skin.

Enigmatically, it was the ultimate in now retro female sexy fashion. That glittering, sequined neckline revealed nothing, but set men’s hearts on fire, blissfully imagining what they couldn’t see.

Retro Shoes And Handbags

1940s shoe styles were designed to reveal a subtle delicacy to a well-turned ankle and partially view-able calf.

Handbags were small and bejeweled, serving to admirably reinforce the allure afforded by these graceful and sophisticated women.

1940s costume jewelry included delicate pieces such as semiprecious stones, rhinestones and slim gold necklaces.

1940s Fashion Hats

Hats were indisputably part of this decade’s fashion scene.

Floppy, wide brimmed hats, plain or fancy, made the hat box a necessity.

1940S fashion was perhaps one of the most integrated and pulled-together looks of the last century.

If you’ve tired of your current Retro look, you can’t do much better than 1940s fashions.

Be the first to recapture this romantic moment in fashion time!

And, you female models can create a brand new 1940s look for your modeling portfolios Too! Now that you know the rest of the story, see some retro fashions here ..

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