Taking dressing to the next level is paramount when you see modern women and girls wearing 1940s fashion clothes with dresses and skirts giving them that “sultry” look. Have some fun and enjoy the history! Then, play some “dress up” yourself.

The glamour model look of these outfits are appealing to the eye and suitable to many different occasions. Read the history and get excited about the 40 era all over again. These are fantastic vintage outfits for photo shoots too! Call your photographer.

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A Quick History Lesson about 1940s Fashion Clothes for Women

First, a piece of history. It would be worthless to talk about 1940s fashion without first understanding the tremendous impact the Second World War had on the lives of people. Since social trends dictate fashion, the events of World War II would change the world of fashion forever.

In 1939, Germany invaded Poland and France and Great Britain declared war on Germany and this sparked the Second World War that would rule the lives of people for the next 6 years. Because of the war, Germans considered moving the French couture houses to Berlin.

In Comes the USA

Since the United States entered the war in December of 1941, which is more than two years later the war begun.

This caused travel difficulties between Europe and continental America and meant that American designers would receive more attention from the press. Before this, Paris fashion trends were followed in the USA.

Making 1940s Fashion Clothes Stops

The men’s and women’s fashion clothing for the 40s was affected by the fact that many factories were given to producing military supplies with fashion taking second place. This means fashion houses worked on restrictions on how much fabric per garment could be used.

As soon as Paris was liberated, fashion editors once again started to showcase their French designs again in magazines.

The Paris couture once again became the leader when Christian Dior showcased his ‘New Look’ of lengthened and widened skirts.

This move was a reaction to the deprivation of fabric that was experienced during the war years. American designers had also begun to be more prominent and to see them take a place in the world of fashion.

Not a Miniskirt but Lack of Fabric Caused 1940s Hemlines to Rise

In an effort to comply to the war yardage restrictions imposed on garments, American designers began to create a new 1940s fashion of short skirts and short jackets that were less than 25 inches in length.

This new fashion trend of the 40s replaced the long flowing gowns that had emerged in the previous decade.

This conservative look would remain fashionable through multiple seasons. Classic sportswear styles took hold on college campuses and were adopted by all levels of society and age groups.

The fashion trend in the forties would also see the emergence of separates that would create the illusion of more outfits.

Necklines and Waistlines

This was seen with the transition of the separate pieces in women fashion, the bra and the girdle.

The end of the severe rationing of metal would also see the emergence of leather shoes studded with ‘nail heads’, a sign of opulence and luxury. Interestingly, the classic look created in the 1940s fashion era never seems to go out of style.

Bringing 1940s Fashion Clothes into the 21st Century

Not only female models but those women just looking for glamour shots at a local studio both enjoy the sultry look of this era. They sometimes combine their outfits with designer handbags like Gucci or sport current shoes or boots. But the style of 1940 remains.

When you discover the vintage uniqueness of these 1940s fashion clothes & accessories, you’ll find it difficult to go back to current dresses and skirts. Indulge yourself in 40s glamour fashion clothes and go back to a simpler time in history. Check the 40s catalog here ..

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